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“We are dedicated to spreading the love of God to Nicoma Park and the surrounding communities.”

A Person

Their Position

In 1950, approximately twenty people began to meet as a congregation of the Lord’s church in a garage on the farm of Waldo and Ruth Haught, east of Choctaw. These included such strong and faithful Christian families as Waldo, Ruth, and Priscilla Haught; Charles and Fiana Thomas; and Dudley and Leota Walker.

This group later met in an empty residence on North Moore Street. A bit later, the group met at an empty store building in Nicoma Park and became known as the Nicoma Park Church of Christ

First Building

After a time, Dr. and Mrs. R.E. Jones donated a lot on the west side of Overholser Drive just north of NE 23 Street. The struggling but determined group planned and constructed a small meeting house on the lot. Wood for the project was obtained from shipping crates and buildings to be torn down on Tinker AFB. Concrete blocks were salvaged and reused for the building project. Charles Thomas and Dudley Walker were the chief carpenters. Every member sacrificed to make their dream come true in 1953. The congregation used boards and concrete blocks as seats. Charles Thomas and Dudley Walker built wooden pews. The preacher’s wife sold flower and vegetable seeds to pay for a small steeple for the roof. A picture of the small building, which still stands and is owned by a local plumbing company.

The small congregation grew into a substantial influence for Christ in the community during the next ten years. The following men served as elders during this time period: Waldo Haught, Joe Ingram, Thomas Smith, Cecil Steiger, Oscar Caperton, Bill Allen, Dan Turner, Thee Peden, and Del Cox. Under their leadership and with the hard work of the members much was accomplished for Christ: scores where lead to the Lord and baptized for the remission of their sins, much benevolent work was accomplished, and the gospel was spread within both the community and foreign lands.

The congregation supported Riley Walker in mission works in Canada; Mark Legg in mission works in Southern Rhodesia, and J.A. Brittells in mission works in other parts of Africa. Many were lead to the Lord.

In the community, the congregation grew in spiritual strength and numbers. In January, 1961, it helped establish a new congregation of the Lord’s church in Spencer, Oklahoma. They helped with the rent and provided teachers to help the birth of the new congregation.

The Nicoma Park congregation made important capital improvements to its building and obtained land across the street for a parking lot. Many families worked hard during this time period; some of the families included: Dan Turner, Leon Baker, Joe Beal, Thurman Grayson, George Parker, Gene Brown, Max Ballard, and Bob Morrow.

Current Building

A few years later, the growing congregation made the decision to construct a new building. The construction money was raised through bond sold to members of the congregation. Construction soon began on the facility which included an auditorium, class rooms, and a small kitchen. Several years later, the gravel parking lot was hard surfaced with concrete thanks to the generous donation of Kenneth and Neoma Goddard of Goddard Concrete. Several years later, a covered drive though and west entry were added under the supervision of Henry Sheets and by the hard work of members of the congregation. Of course, David Cable, grandson of Charles Thomas, and Marvin Beal, grandson of Dudley Walker, were active participants in the project.

Over the years, the congregation has supported missionary works on radio, television, and several foreign fields. As members moved on in life, many became leaders in their new congregations, serving as elders, deacons, preachers, and song leaders based on the sound training they received at Nicoma Park. The congregation also gives young members from Oklahoma Christian University the opportunity to preach, teach, and work in developmental capacities. The congregation also provides weekly benevolent work to many families within the community needing assistance.

And as the average age of the membership has grown a bit in recent years, the love among the members have also continued to increase. The Nicoma Park Church of Christ is a congregation of the Lord’s church where you will feel not only welcome but you also needed. Come join us in the Lord’s vineyard, where, ”The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”… (Mathew 9:37).

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Bible Class - 9:30 a.m.
Worship - 10:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.


Bible study 7:00 p.m.

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